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SlabGasket - Expansion Joint Repair FAQ

What is SlabGasket made of?

SlabGasket is an extruded, patent pending, flexible vinyl (PVC). It is similar to the material used in window gaskets found in high rise buildings.

Does SlabGasket come in different sizes?

SlabGasket comes in seven sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", 1 & 1/8", and 1 & 5/8", as well as our "Shorty" versions of 7/8" and 3/4".

The most common size is 7/8" which replaces the vast majority of missing or rotten 1x4 expansion joints.

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How do you install SlabGasket?

Installation can be as easy as scratching out the rotten wood and stepping in SlabGasket. Or, one of our approved installers can do the job for you, in limited areas.

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Does SlabGasket installation require any special tools?

You may already have the tools you need to SlabGasket your own home. There is an installation kit our installers use which contains some special or modified tools. The ease of installation is fully dependent on the degree to which the existing expansion joint is rotten or missing.

Can you walk on SlabGasket?

Absolutely. An empty or missing expansion joint is not only ugly, it is a trip or fall hazard as well. SlabGasket can withstand over 200 pounds per square inch. Breaking a heel, or worse, will no longer be an issue.

Does SlabGasket keep weeds from growing?

A tight fitting SlabGasket does significantly impede new weed growth. The really great benefit is that, if necessary, you can install SlabGasket and later on, pull it back up, clean out what might be necessary, and put it back in.

What colors does SlabGasket come in?

The original Gray color of SlabGasket was selected to be the most effective complementary color to best blend in with the color of most concrete. Our Almond color is also available in all sizes .

Custom colors would be available in large quantity. Contact our offices for more details.

How do I get samples of SlabGasket to test in my driveway?

You may order a sample pack of our different sizes through our online store. Due to the large volume of requests, we must charge $9.95 for shipping and handling. If you live in the Houston, TX area, you may drop by to pick up your free samples.

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